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Saturday, 25 May 2013



*2 large courgettes (zucchini)
4 lettuce leaves
1 apple
medium sized bunch greens
2 tsps wheatgrass powder

i'm not so good at exercise and the hour on my stationary bike is calling me.

*8 carrots,
1 orange,
150 millilitres of water.

The juice is a little darker than shown, sweet and low calorie.
2 pieces of sprouted wheat bread...
*2 large courgettes,
2 carrots,
1 pear,
2 teaspoons of organic wheatgrass powder.
*two large cabbage leaves,
1 apple,
2 tomatoes,
2 small cucumbers,
2 tsps wheatgrass powder. 

not perhaps inspiring to some, but nice for me.
*left over cabbage,
1 small apple,
1 rosy pear,
carrot greens,
2 tomatoes,
1/2 cucumber,
1/2 broccoli head,
7 or so homegrown carrots [sold to me],
2 teaspoons wheatgrass powder.
*1 large head of broccoli,
4 large tomatoes,
2 tsps organic wheatgrass powder.
*1 iceberg lettuce,
6 small apples.
*3 carrots,
2 tomatoes,
1 large courgette,
1.50 ml. organic bottled water,
2 tsps wheatgrass powder.
*2 empire apples

found some sheep milk yogurt, and goat milk yogurt in a local shop. mixed with a little carob...
yesterday and the day before i juiced veg and fruit again....17october2013
quarter of a savoy cabbage,
home grown marrow, (bought)
2 teasps organic wheatgrass powder, 

this is what i remember juicing, between the two days,
oats uncooked, with some milk, i still cant eat it cooked, and loved it cooked.
if we all went back to eating pure foods and not manufactured we would be so much healthier. 

thinking of baking a marrow with a vegetarian stuffing:
cut in half, scoop out pith and seeds, make stuffing put inside, 
put the top back on, tie with string, place on a baking tray and cook until tender.

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