buzzing of bees

once there were sheep in the orchard ..........

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

New things

I have been having a wonderful time, changing the background of this blog. 
now I'll need a new blog name.
When I was 14, 15, 16 years old the wall paper in my room was of big poppies, and seeing these reminds me of that time. 

and then, river pebbles, rivers of water, crystal river, new things, and sheep ...

but I think I will come up with something like, touch typing, where the sea meets the sky, and have you ever stood by the sea and looked into the sun shining on the waves and seen golden coins reflected in the heat? 

golden coins of sunlight?
sky larks?

oh, cornflowers...meadows, the soft buzzing of bees, roses at dawn,
music box, sweet music...

this will take the romance out, did you ever throw cherry stones over into your neighbour's garden, and then have them come round to your parents and say what they thought? and not just a

or go round with a wooden box with your best friend and collect all the ladybirds you could find, so your box was just overflowing...9 or 10, here.

how about laughter?
laughter in a meadow? autumn crocus, lily of the valley, little roses, fish of every kind? the shadow of a rock in a parched land?

cornfields, the poppy fields...buzzing of bees. i got it. thank you for listening, it was kind of you to spare your time...
have a blessed day.

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