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Friday, 28 June 2013

the sun

We have such lovely weather, we're going out to enjoy it and to sit in the sun for a while. There's a nice place to go here, where we sit outdoors and enjoy our coffee and tea. It's very near the sea; very pleasant to sit there.
I'm making the crochet hexagons blanky, I put a photo here, but then have moved it over to the almond blossom blog because I would like to keep everything together. 
Although, great grace will overflow into all three and I'm happy about this.
23.23 pm.  nice! 
Just here for a little while longer, and will continue tomorrow.
Which poet wrote: and through the sky I'll never float, until I have a little boat shaped like a crescent moon...? 


Being a lover of the stars and the universe, and having google earth on this notebook, I love to look at the heavens directly above or from another continent...

I spent some of the morning brushing up yew needles in the back garden and piling old and worn flowerpots into a new place, and found where the slugs live, an answer to prayer. I do not like walking in in the morning and finding them under my feet. 
So it's bye bye slug time again. 

I've changed over to Bloglovin' but as these blogs are in 'Timeslide', cannot see the new button. It would mean reverting to the original format...
many birds conversing;

a rose with a heavenly perfume

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