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Monday, 3 June 2013


we had a wonderful lazy morning with lunch in our local cafe; but home again and something obvious meets my eye...clutter. 
between sentences, i'll be thinking and purposefully doing what needs to be done. 
the evenings are light now at nine; i would still like there to be a few more hours in the day, for lace and maybe reading. 
whoever invented spray polish was on to a good thing; thank you.
a green night light holder hangs near my lace pillow, it holds the thread ends.
Beautiful pictures from Beautiful Pictures download daily.
in the wool shop some lovely bright green Rowan yarn was reduced to two pounds, and it is hanging from a hook so i can wind it. A most glorious summer green four ply...
it's amazing, the mammoth they found, had living blood inside.
it is really wonderful, this place is tidy; 
catch up on some water;
juice some veg;
take my dp's downstairs and spend the evening knitting green leaves and then i'd like to knit some petals.

Rowan yarn, it has flecks of blue and yellow. 
i'm so blessed.

began making the red daisy tonight, made the final petal for the other one, too.
they both knit up much bigger than i had thought, and i'm pleased with them so far. they'll need centres...

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