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Friday, 27 September 2013

something i didn't like turned out good

i had to lay this flat on the floor to quilt it because the backing material kept ruckelling and caught in the front stitches. i bought different batting for this, the effect is softer, more cushiony; the poly-down made my first experience of quilting simple and happy. 

and then, unhappily, when i was working on the rows i came to two blocks that wouldn't behave, so last night i took all the stitching out, and left it to rest on the ottoman til the morning. 

then i had a thought that i could quilt just the two layers, and later tie it. and so this is what i did.

and its a case of mistaken identity, it isn't what i think it is, but i know Someone who loves it and has encouraged me all along. 

between times i'm returning to my pillow to get some work done on it. the centre of the lace, like the inside workings of a computer, like my self have all come together being undone by the Creator and sown together with his love.
then dreaming again, this time for a log cabin quilt something beginners make for themselves. as long as its light and bright, and dark and shadowy in the right places it will be alright, i think. 

thank you for your patience, i think i'll get there in the end,


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