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Monday, 30 September 2013

Inspired by an Antique Quilt.

I bought this cotton material in town and with some white cotton from amazon due to arrive in a few days I'm going to make the blocks for the log cabin quilt. I have been looking through some sites advertising these antique 
quilts to see how they were made, and decided the easiest pattern to follow
would be a diamond effect when the blocks were sewn together. In the picture they look like the twirling windmill pattern I'll be making between times for a throw.


I'm thinking of alternating the colours in the blocks so that these could be included too, although I have something more in mind which I'll share later.

Then this is my sample block, it's finished size is 6¼ ins, and has a very satisfying feel to it. The number of blocks will be 144, and the overall size, 75 ins.
not including the measurement for the binding. Over the years I have crocheted
several blankets, one particularly with 144 squares and backed it so that the cut off ends wouldn't show. This is not a daunting new project, but one I'm sure to enjoy!



  1. woot! go for it! Nice changes to the blog!

    1. yes, something new; and the background came from cute n cool freebies.



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