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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Are You Having a Good Day?

Are you having a good day?
when a day begins like mine what more can you ask of it? and i would like to show you how you can have this day too.

first make yourself some tea. this is not the cup i used, but you could use one like it.

yes, a step by step guide, and includes a helpful family comment, which you may find useful.
take your tea to your work space, where your computer is, and having left your work there, liberally spill the hot tea. 

in the morning light,
after a bath,
 then someone will need your time, so give it, it's free.

place rinsed cotton pieces in a pillow case, tie a knot in the end,
place into a tumble drier and allow some free time
while you retrieve the single pieces from inside the hot machine.

i don't have a photo for every moment, but am pleased to show you
one here

frazzled, but clean and dry.

And the helpful comment: 

isn't it pretty? it looks like a scattering of rose petals.


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