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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Making Christmas - Week 5.

Making Christmas

Count down to Christmas!! stress-free, enjoying every moment??!!
re-showing the Advent Calendar, 

and the tablecloth, some lovely French material
from amazon, a fat quarter with pinked edges,
which i have hemmed:

 to avoid sewing what seems like hundreds
of small pieces of log cabins for the quilt,
'sunshine and shadow' theme,
i will make each one whole:

  for the lace cloth, here,
to make it in two pieces will be easiest:

 the edge or headside is made by connecting the two pieces
of lace with a crochet hook. 
the stitch used is called cloth stitch.

1. lace tablecloth.
2. log cabin quilt.
3. father's choice half square triangle practice.



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    1. Thank you, Julie-Kate, it was fun to make and only took a day! I used the first quilt I made for the backing, and bought silver and gold numbers, and decorations to stick on it - and plan to fill them with something before dec.1st.



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