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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Making Christmas - Week 8.

i have been buying stocking fillers 
on and off for some time now,
and have that part covered,
i think.

this week i've enjoyed making hexies,

and have almost finished
a twirling windmill throw
for my mother - now the batting
has arrived, and it is all laid out on the floor.
ready to pin into place and make the binding.
perhaps not a favourite part of the making.
all the same, it's nearly finished.

and very near the end here,

 only three more to go, on through the year.
and so my Christmas List:
1. Bobbin lace tablecloth.
2. Log cabin quilt.
3. Common place things.
i would like to make two bags,
though i am not sure 
how to just yet.

one day til december.

wishing you all a great weekend,
and week ahead,



  1. You are rocking right along! Nice work!

  2. Thank you, Susan, doesn't it get more fun as we go!

  3. You are making good progress! Keep going :-)

  4. That's so nice of you, thank you, Vera.

  5. Thank you, it's growing slowly, but its getting there. It's nice of you, Amanda to come by!

  6. I really love your lace and your quilt projects both look great :)

  7. Thanks Janine, I love yours too, you know you are making some really lovely things over there.



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