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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Making Christmas - Week 9.

last week i completed a
twirling windmill quilt
a present for my mother. 
it is a before-Christmas present.
and is already in place on her sofa.

lace tablecloth.
 log cabin quilt.

the practice hexies have bowed out...
i think it could make a pretty child's quilt. 
bigger hexies would make for less work.
with bright colours or pastels. 
and some big hexie flowers on a plain quilt. be replaced by this, and here,

new to quilting, this year i have bought presents for my family.
i do so enjoy looking at all the lists
to see what everyone is making.
you are all so industrious! and clever,
ingenious - i hope everyone wins.



  1. Congrats on finishing that beautiful quilt! I like your home loving girl photo :)

  2. So nice of you! that was one I really enjoyed, although I hadn't made one like that before.



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