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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

this little quilt.

Happy New Year Everyone!!
this little beginning again. (since this photo) in pastels and floral fabric. i wish i could embroider, i'd sew butterflies round the edge. instead i found some butterfly buttons. 

the first row of the log cabins and two blocks below to show the design. too big to show the row. i was given some lovely fabric for the back of this quilt, and i was thinking of keeping the diamond effect by making big snowballs and enlarging the pattern so they match the front for size. about 8 1/4 inches. 
i make the centre diamond bigger and the corners will follow. i am guessing here, and i sure hope this will work. why diamonds? because of the crystals in the snow.

and the scrappy four block one. the backing was easy as i cut up an old duvet cover. and now it is 'new life for old'. lol.  

it makes a light floral backing, and i finished it last weekend.
at first i wondered what can you do with so many quilts as you make them? giving is fun. and.
i am in recovery mode, but happy. this is such a wonderful time of the year!
made soup with carrots, potato, onion, and turnip.
and organic stock, and lentils. pureed some and left some whole. my first jellyroll, 

is so lovely, you'd think i was going to eat it, so bright and colourful. yum!
we visited family over the holiday, and some came to us. there was rain some days, and we had flood warnings though thankfully we were safe. early today the sky was blue with hardly any cloud. and later there was rain again.
here is the jellyroll pattern beginning. it is another present for the New Year. and when finished these blocks will be in a different order. just to show you...

and that's about it for my update. 
            with very best wishes from me,
buzzing of bees

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