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Thursday, 9 January 2014

snowballs in season (and out).

i hope everyone is well! i moved to another blog which was not very satisfactory for me and so i will post the other stuff here, at HomeLoving Girl. 
now i can stretch out and relax as the log cabin quilt begins its journey to completion. yay!
yes, i still believe in father christmas, he was very kind to me:
can you imagine pretty floral snowballs, hearts and roses, dots, squares and other little designs.
and then these:
 i bought from amazon thinking of using it on the back of the 2014 quilt. i hope it will work, and i hope too to make a couple of flower squares to go with it. by this i might mean tulips.

i have rearranged my work area. i sit under the window to make the lace, and my computer was behind me on a table, and beside my desk. a desktop by a desk. i like to watch videos while working, or listen to cd's, i just moved the pc to beside my lace pillow, and hoovered the floor. 
when you make lace, you have to finish the section you are working on, before moving away. so it's possible to stay working a nice long while. it's the same with quilting.
please stop by and share what you are making. it doesn't have to be quilting or lace...the things that interest you!
               thank you! have a good day!


  1. The purple floral fabric on the front row on the right is really cute =) I like the hexies you made also =) I just wanted to stop in and say hello =) Hugs & smiles, Tiffiny

  2. Thank you so much, Tiffany, all the floral fabric came from amazon, and I think it is lovely, too. It is going on my great neice's quilt. Thank you again for visiting. x Jacqui.

  3. Lovely fabric and beautiful work.
    Thanks again for joining Show & Tell.

  4. Thank you Laura, and thanks for having your Show and Tell. and thank you for coming a second time to comment.



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