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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Welcome to my followers via Friend Connect, email and Bloglovin'. It's so nice to have you on board!
thank you so much for your kindness, of visiting me here and deciding to stay! you are. the Best!

this is where i have been for a few days now sitting at the machine making a field of dreams rainbow jane.

and am this far with the design.

there will be sashing, too.  i think i have enough for the outer blue now. although the red isn't a child's paintbox red, it is the one i am most happy with to begin.  the orange is home-made with dylon's goldfish orange. i want to make a simple one first, because i am already making two, slowly. and sewing the blocks as much as possible true to form.

and then these:

are a pair of cropped jeans! yes. and not much to say, i tried them on a few times...and am looking forward to cutting them up. going back to just over a couple of weeks of exercise i've trimmed back down to my old cropped and faded pink and green pairs, so much more comfortable for the summer and ones i like very much.  i bought these blue ones at the beginning of summer but they were so big huge in fact, huger than any i've bought before and i can't wait to cut them up! (and i haven't worn them outside.).

it's wonderful, the sun is hot and next month there is a carnival in the town. when there are wonderful displays of fireworks. most go to the beach to watch them...summer is nice here...
and - anyone for tennis? for wimbledon?

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  1. You sure have been keeping busy, Jacqui! Lovely projects and so are those pretty flowers. You sound like you are making the most of the summer weather, too. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you so much, your visit means so much to me! I hope your weather's good too!



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