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Saturday, 5 July 2014

an easy time

dear everyone,
this is a very easy rainbow jane, (link here) made using a diamond in the square block, something i may learn sashing from. with just four months of this year left i ought to be able to sash a quilt by october, surely? perhaps a little bit will count? and it is always time for a celebration here, isn't it?

so it is with grateful thanks to the Liberty Dear Jane blogspot,, for the tutorial set out there. that my first blocks look wonderful.

i can see the quilt coming together now. everything just got easier. whew. then after a few weeks deep thought about lace, where to go. what to do next. and without the drastic action of cutting threads and putting the bobbins back in the box, i made a few more inches. 

if anyone is interested in seeing the beginning of this tablecloth more photos can be found here, at
almond blossom . xx

thank you so much for visiting. i would love to hear what you think!
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  1. Such pretty blocks, Jacqui. You sashed them perfectly! Great job! And your lace work is beautiful. Keep up the good work!

  2. Stopping by from Lets Bee Social WOW !

    1. Thank you, and what a nice looking robin!



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