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Thursday, 7 August 2014

august already.

i spent this afternoon clearing a back log of emails, which have either been deleted or filed under subject.
if collecting information about dear janes it's wise to keep everything, i think.
the quilts are steadily growing and getting easier. at the beginning when i bought the book and looked inside i had no idea how to begin or anything else. now that book has grown dear to me. i know some of the blocks by heart, can recognise them in the quilt and look at them as if they are my friends.
who cannot fall in love with those blocks. or not see a new quilt and think of making that one, too.
i have seen dear jane in many different colours and all of them call to me in some way or other. although three quilts are enough for me at the moment.
the link is here for baby jane , jane and the rainbow jane one.

thank you for staying with me,


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