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Friday, 1 August 2014


dear everyone,
summer is so hot here, delightful. the sea is five minutes away. and it is carnival week with three firework displays and lots of people around.
i took some photos and it all seemed to be far away in the sky,  had it not been for a family member visiting, saying, see this little zoom thing? you can get pictures up close...
there is a beautiful view of a down here with its barrows if you get up there to walk you can go for miles. i wanted a close-up of it. and love the idea of ancient peoples walking there.
anyway back to quilting. i will show my dreaming fields rainbow jane here, as the weeks go.
i have had a re-think on the log cabin quilt, that i will just buy some material for the back now. wanting to put some blue on, and being a newbie i thought i knew what i was doing. it has sat on the side then one morning i took off the back. it will be just too much extra work to quilt it like you do, so it will just be a coverlet.
i wish now i had known about q.a.y.g. but hey, learning's about learning! and progressing.

everyone washes up - yes? how about a tea towel from my part of the world?? how often do you get to dry up your dishes with an english tea towel? 
as is, this time. if you've won one of these before you'll know what i mean. 
and your location may be international.  please leave an email address
so i can contact you.
anonymous messages will not be recognized. 
thank you for entering this give away. fridge magnets included.
for two weeks from today...the 14th has the winner.

 two tea towels, small tray, tissues, two magnets, a key ring
please will you leave a comment.

the sky this morning is a delicate grey and cream. gulls are squawking. one flew overhead just now.
the day is just beyond this laptop. yesterday was iced lemon cake followed by ice cream. and not much else. don't anyone come to measure my waist.  its less since i took up cycling again. and i like to read as i pedal, winging my way through 'amateurs in eden' about lawrence durrell.
and i know the way around corfu like the back of my hand. next stop is for a romance. i have some amish romances well worth reading again.
coffee is calling...
i will love you and leave you,
Jacqui xx

post script to GIVE AWAY...
little boat on the waves
this is the last one i am going to have. thank you for participating.

the give away is closed.

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  1. i'll be first, when i was a child i loved washing up, not so much drying up. sploshing about in the suds, ending up clean!!



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