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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

from England with Love

hello everyone,
in the last couple of weeks
other things took the place
of quiltling and posting.
and these are now pinned and
ready for sewing.

i have been practicing my sewing skills with a
lot of help from Pinterest, if this is your
pattern thank you so much for sharing it.
i see my mistake here...
red work is more line drawing using red
thread than the cross stitch i have been doing.
this rose is stitched using a skein of red which
enhances the flower petals and leaves
as the different colours flow with the plan.
(DMC 25, number 115)
and i have dug out my copy of
The Secret On Ararat by Tim LaHaye and
Bob Smith then downloaded two more of the series just now.
i read when i am on my stationary cycle...
just now anyhow.

linking up with Lorna at SewFresh Quilts
for this week's

with love,


  1. Dear Jane Blocks are on my to do list as well. Are you making two quilts? I was wondering because you have the same bock twice. I just think we are all crazy for making it once, let alone twice.

  2. Nice work ,few years ago i made some Dear Jane Blocks aswell,have the program. Presently I am taking an embroidery class here in Stockholm. Last week we learned to do embroidery on tulle (netting) and today we are learning to do some lace with tulle.

    1. The program's just wonderful. It's nice of you to stop and talk. I like what you are sewing, it will be lovely when it's finished.



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