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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

rainbow jane on a rainy day

hello everyone,
i haven't forgotten to post just needed some time to myself, to decide what to post here. last night (or early this morning) i was making these little blocks for rainbow jane. only beginning the third row now i was relieved to see i had made some in advance, but i still need one hundred thirty more to complete the design. is very good for fabric. i could buy five metres of heavy white material for a small sum and it is just the right length for the strips between the blocks for dear jane, too. i have used this white here with these hexie oblongs. very pleasing to work with. and satisfying.
then i bought the polyester wadding for a double quilt from online shop STRAWBERRY FAYRE.
it only occurred to me this morning that i could make a few more inserts by machining the left overs together. and i will not waste the wadding this way.
this is about all i can do here right now. here is my link with HomeLoving Girl, if you would like to see the hexies taking shape. and Jacqui's Attic Treasures if you would like to join me for supper.
thank you.
Linking up with Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts

with love,

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